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Wooden Cashmere Comb


Filan Sweater Comb, Cashmere Comb, Wool Comb, De-Pilling Knitwear Comb, Lint Removers Cleaing Tools for Clothing Care

7.5cm * 4.2cm (2.95inch * 1.65inch)

Product features

Removes fuzz from napped, woven or knitted materials by the sweater comb teeth.

Our Cashmere Comb apply to coats, blankets, sweaters sofa, socks, hats, towel or other items made from fabric prone to pilling.

This Wool Comb Simply hold fabric taut with one hand and brush quickly and lightly with the other hand.

No damange to cloth, friendly to sweater.

Fine emery material, battery free, easy to carry.

Feature: Sweater/Fabric comb

Material: Wooden

Function: Remove fuzz from napped, woven or knitted materials

Work for: Coats, blankets, sweaters or other items made from fabric prone to pilling

Size: 7.5cm * 4.2cm (2.95inch * 1.65inch)

How to use:

1. Put the garment flat on table(you can find some pilling and feathers on it)

2. Comb the fabric along the texture quickly and lightly, repeat comb the heavily pilling area and adjust the strength if needed, do not pull with too much strength

3. The garement after comb will be cleaned like a new one.

4. Remove the piling/fuzz from the comb and discard, pack it for the usage next time.

Friendly reminder, please do not use this comb for Coarser Knit Sweater, because the lines of this kind of sweater is very rough, the lint will be much larger, we suggest you using the electrical lint remover

Product details

Product Dimensions: 3 x 1.6 x 0.1 inches

Shipping Weight: 0.2 ounces


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