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Molded Hook 7


110mm Strong power injection plastic hook and loop white hook and loop tape


Injection hook,a common connection accessories,which is a high-end special hook and loop, it is only the hook side, and the loop side can choose with separately.

There are lots of injection hook in our daily is usually used in apparel, footwear ,and cable tie and strap, and with the progress of the times and technology, hook and loop hook is also slowly being replaced by the injection hook.


  • Thin and small hook. won't hurt to the skin.

  • Hook type: 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#

  • Color: transparent color, black color

  • Specification: 50mm, 100mm,110mm

Hook sort

Hook sorthook shape
PA 1#Thin hook. "r" shape,single hook
PA 2#Thin hook, "Y " shape,double hook
PA 3#Thin hook, "r" shape,single hook
PA 4#Thick hook, "Y" shape, double hook
PA 5#Thick hook, "r" shape,singe hook

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