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Product Detail

Nylon Plastic Hook Colors


Colorful Baby soft hook and loop Plastic Hook and Loop for infant diaper 25 meters

Hook sort

Hook sorthook shape
PA 1#Thin hook. "r" shape,single hook
PA 2#Thin hook, "Y " shape,double hook
PA 3#Thin hook, "r" shape,single hook
PA 4#Thick hook, "Y" shape, double hook
PA 5#Thick hook, "r" shape,singe hook


  • Super Thin hook. won't hurt to the skin.

  • Hook type: 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#

  • Color:White,black

  • Specification: 10mm,20mm,30mm, 50mm, 80mm,100mm,110mm

  • Fire retardant and water resistance

Payment term

We accept PayPal,Western Union, T/T, L/B, L/C ,etc

  • For small order. We advise pay thru Paypal as it’s convenient

  • For large order. We only accept bank transfer, Because Paypal will charge high charge fee. If you would like to pay 0.4% charge fee. Then Paypal is ok.

  • 30% advance payment/deposit by T/T, and 70% paid before shipment.

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