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Back to Back Hook and Loop Blue


Back to Back Hook and Loop Blue


Material: Various back-to-back tapes available with different material components.

            Standard Hook/Loop  

            Mushroom Hook/Loop

            Plastic Hook/Loop

Width: 10-150mm; other sizes available upon request.

Roll Length: 25m packed in rolls or reels.

Color: More than 250 standard colors available; other colors available upon request.


Made by marrying hook on one side to loop on the other, creating the simplest most natural self attaching fastener.

Various combinations are available: hook to loop, hook to hook, loop to loop, mushroom to knitted loop, soft hook to knitted loop.

Excellent for quick wrap applications to meet positioning, restraining and strapping needs.

Bundle items securely with ease, yet can be easily removed and re-used hundreds of times.


Often used as a tie or strap. Simply cut it to length, and use it as cable ties, garden ties for strapping items together around home, or use in the car.

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