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Hook and Loop Olive


Sew On Hook and Loop Olive


Material: Grade A 100% Nylon

            Grade B 70% Nylon mix 30% Polyester

            Grade C 30% Nylon mix 70% Polyester

            Grade D 100% Polyester

Width: 10-180mm; other sizes available upon request.

Roll Length: 25m packed in rolls or reels.

Colors: More than 250 standard colors available; other colors available upon request.


Woven quality with strong nylon or polyester filamentsfor intensive use; open and close effortlessly with high cycle life and best shear strength.

Well-aligned Hooks at a fixed angle and uniform loops, enhance hook and loop biting and durability.

Heat-resistance, freeze-resistance, machine washable, dry cleaning, and strong color fastness.

Eco-friendly, tested without harmful substances such as azo, heavy metals or others.

Simply cut it to any length, shapes, and sew with selvedge along the edges, or staple, glue to most materials. Custome made die-cutting also available.


Applicable for all industries, used instead of buttons, snaps, or zippers, especially recommended for garments, shoes and hats, cases and bags, home decorating, and medical equipments.

Size/MMMeters/RollGradeMeters/CtnRolls/CtnLoading/20'GP/ 40'GP/40'HQ
25A / B / C / D240096400/800/1000
12.525A / B / C / D200080400/800/1000
1625A / B / C / D150060400/800/1000
2025A / B / C / D120048400/800/1000
2525A / B / C / D100040400/800/1000
3025A / B / C / D80032400/800/1000
3825A / B / C / D60024400/800/1000
25A / B / C / D50020400/800/1000
6025A / B / C / D400
7025A / B / C / D35014400/800/1000
7525A / B / C / D30012400/800/1000


A / B / C / D30012400/800/1000
10025A / B / C / D25010400/800/1000
11025A / B / C / D25010400/800/1000
12525A / B / C / D2008400/800/1000
15025A / B / C / D1506400/800/1000
18025A / B / C / D1506400/800/1000

More Colors:

H&L color card (1).jpgH&L color card (4).jpgH&L color card (3).jpgH&L color card (5).jpgH&L color card (2).jpgH&L color card (7).jpgH&L color card (6).jpg

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