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Hook and Loop Tape with Back Glue


Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape


Material: Nylon / polyester / Adhesive

Width: 10-150mm; other sizes available upon request

Standard Put-up: 25m packed in rolls or reels and cardboards

Colors: More than 250 standard colors available; dye-to-match colors available

Working Temperature Range: -20℃to 110℃.


Standard hook and loop with adhesive and a protective releasing paper.

Self-sticking by removing paper and pressing.

Weather-proof, heat-resistant, specially designed for extreme high temperature environment.

Easy to use and quick setting by pressing with figures.

High bond strength with even stronger adhesive strength in later time.

Achieve 90% bond strength in one hour. Achieve maximum strength after 24 hours.

Applicable to many kinds of materials: hard plastics, glasses, metals, leathers, woods, ceramics, especially suitable for PVC, paper, PP, ABS.


Ideal for all smooth surfaces where sewing and heat activation are not applicable. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use, such as automotive, computer, paper, stationary, P.O.P. display, packaging, toys, bathroom accessories, and other industrial products.

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