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Flat Polyester Shoe Lace


Red, Blue,  Brown, Bright  Yellow, Hot pink, Neon green, Orange, Neon yellow, laces measure Approx Size : 46 inches (118 cm) approx and 1cm (10mm)[0.39inches wide

Suitable Trainers,  Sneakers Converse  ,Hi-tops boots,  

Each Purchase Is For One Pair of shoelaces

Approx size 46 inches (118cm) approx And 1cm (10mm) wide  with narrow round plastic tip  for eyehole

This flat wide tubular shoelace 118cm long  laces will fit 7-8 pairs of eyelets

Ideal for all your shoes, trainers, high tops and boots.

Made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric tight chunky weave  which make them sit 'Flat' on the shoes.

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